Instructions to Use Acupressure Points for Foot Pain


Pressure point massage is a type of elective drug that uses the fingers to bit by bit press key mending focuses in the body. The establishment behind pressure point massage is that when you trigger certain weight focuses in your body, it discharges strain, expands flow, lessens torment, and creates otherworldliness and dynamic wellbeing. In the event that you need to attempt elective drug for foot torment, pressure point massage might be for you.

Get Acupressure graphs. These outlines show the careful area of the focuses portrayed beneath and except if you are exceptionally acquainted with needle therapy focuses, you’ll need the graphs to find the right weight focuses in your body. Check the accompanying site with the expectation of complimentary needle therapy outlines:

Practice the two unique methods of pressure point massage. Pressure point massage focuses are controlled in two distinct manners: by either squeezing (fortifying) or diminishing them.

Squeezing procedure: Use your fingers or something gruff, (for example, a pencil eraser toward the finish of a pencil) to press the specific point between 30 seconds to two minutes. Shorter weights can be utilized and even a couple of moments can give help.

Lessening procedure: Place your finger over a point and turn a finger in counter-clockwise course for one to two minutes.

Utilize enough strain to feel the weight however not all that much (you ought not feel torment).

For every needle therapy point referenced beneath, utilize either of the strategies referenced above from 30 seconds to two minutes for each point (except if coordinated generally).

Control the Kidney Meridian focuses. These are situated on the base of the foot. Counsel the needle therapy outlines to discover these focuses in your body and control one or a few of the accompanying focuses:

Fuliu KI-7 (on the front, internal side of the achilles ligament) and Jiaoxin KI-8 (the front, inward side of the adjusted fringe of the shinbone, over the lower leg) focuses. Apply strain to these two focuses simultaneously.

Dazhong KI-4 (behind and under the average malleolus, or the hard handle on the inward side of your lower leg) and Shuiquan KI-5 (on the internal side of the heel, in a downturn beneath yet before KI-4) focuses.

Yongquan KI-1 (on the underside of the foot) together with the Liver Meridian point Taichong LV-3 (on back of the foot). Applying pressure point massage to these two focuses helps treat ligaments and tendons.

Control the Bladder Meridian focuses. These needle therapy focuses are shown for ailments in the lower appendages just as in the head, neck, eyes, back, crotch.

Control the accompanying two focuses: Weizhong BL-54 (at the extremely top of your hamstring, closer to the inward piece of the rear of your leg) and Chengshan BL-57 (underneath the lower leg muscle) focuses.

Invigorate the neighborhood and contiguous focuses at the site of damage. The Shimian M-LE 5, situated at the focal point of the heel, is a neighborhood point that goes about as the objective zone of the plantar belt and its connection to the heel bone.

Apply pressure point massage for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to the Shimian M-LE 5.

Use pressure point massage focuses to discharge endorphins. Actuating pressure focuses mitigates torment and loosens up solid strain discharging endorphins. These endorphins are like morphine in the method for desensitizing the torment. By applying strain to the Liver Meridian LV-3 and Gall Bladder Meridian GB-41 focuses, you can empower your body to create its own common painkillers.

In Chinese prescription, the liver is a vitality organ and when somebody has liver uneven characters they are increasingly powerless to ligament aggravation and ceaseless pressure damage.

Taichong LV-3 is situated on the highest point of the foot between the first and second metatarsal bones.

Zulinqi GB-41 is likewise on the highest point of the foot between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones.

Mitigate torment by squeezing your fingers immovably and relentlessly on the two focuses for two minutes. Inhale profoundly while you do this.

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