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By making the world’s most useful directions, we will engage each individual on the planet to figure out how to do anything.


Envision a reality where anybody can without much of a stretch figure out how to do anything. A reality where access to far reaching bit by bit guidelines in numerous dialects empowers billions of individuals to improve their lives, in both customary and unprecedented ways. That is the world we need to make.

At wikiHow, a network of information givers are working together to make this world. We are driven by a common enthusiasm to make a top notch assortment of how-to guides. We continue improving each article until we think it has become the absolute most accommodating arrangement of bit by bit guidelines accessible on that subject anyplace.

While we perceive that this goal-oriented objective will take a very long time to achieve, we enjoy realizing that we as of now help a large number of individuals consistently.

↑ An information humanitarian is somebody who openly shares, arranges, makes, or improves data with the goal of helping other people.